Disaster credits go up, iNiS worked on graphics engine

A credits video of Disaster: Day of Crisis has been released. iNiS handled the graphics engine and used nFactor2 in the game, an engine previously shown off for the Xbox 360.

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Product3731d ago

hm interesting...does this mean that there are ways around hd graphics that might better the 480p graphics that appear on the wii?

BrotherNick3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I have no clue...they haven't said anything about 720p games, although you can put component cables on it. Didn't the old xbox do 720p in some games though?

Edit: It does :O like 15-20 720p games. If you have an xbox check out this list:

So it is possible if you compare the cpu and gpu cards to the old xbox. How good it will look is anyone's guess. :|

ChickeyCantor3730d ago

Motherboard and the transfer of data is important too!
Honestly i don't think Nintendo made an half assed GCN 1.5.
Mhz clocking doesn't tell us much, it only tells the clocking speeds of "the" Cpu itself. (Mhz on PPC are deciving, in most cases it's actually double in numbers).
If Nintendo designed their Motherboard in such a way that the GPU/CPU/Ram to be working really efficient than we could expect more IF developers can master the hardware.
Besides clean programming ouputs much more anyway.
( yeah and before crazy fanboys say it will never be a 360/Ps3...i never claimed that)

condorstrike3731d ago

wow this is really big...

hope this engine and Quantum2 become mainstream on wii games fron now on.