Bad Parenting Leads to the Blame of Video Games

In recent news, an 11-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the head, killing himself instantly. Tragic yes, but this incident was blamed on Halo. If this boy had never played Halo, they believe he would have never taken a gun, pointed it at his head and pulled the trigger.

What really gets to me about this whole article is the blaming of Halo for this child's poor upbringing. Let's take the lighter road first: He was re-enacting Halo. I would like to hear the evidence first as to why they came to this conclusion. Secondly, if he truly was re-acting Halo, what part was he imagining? I do not remember a part where you put your gun to your head and pull the trigger.

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Skyyo3701d ago

A society that has over the last 50 years just pushed blame on something else is the cause.

It is and has never been little johnny's fault.

lodossrage3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

It's ALWAYS someone else's fault

When my grandparents were around it was music's fault (and music still gets blamed)

In the 70's and 80's it was Television's fault

In the 90's it was the movie industry's fault

Now it's videogames fault

But no, it's NEVER the parent that's at fault /sarcasm

It's easy to push blame elsewhere rather than deal with one's own responsibilities.

Society is complacent on the idea of "let someone else do it" rather than owning up to their own responsibilities

deeznuts3701d ago

I played a gang of Contra as a kid. Lots of other shooters. Never had a problem. Is it different than wanting to be in the army as a young kid, watching vietnam war movies, GI Joe etc?

AAACE53701d ago

I never knew halo showed kids how to find a gun, put it to their heads, and shoot themselves! That must be a secret code or something. I guess I shouldn't let my 9 yr. old sons play a halo game huh? Oh that's right! I have enough sense as a parent to restrict the games my kids play. And I have a thorough talk with them about alot of things to explain to them the seriousness of events!

His parents must have been dumbas F*ck! It doesn't make sense for an 11 yr. old to not know he can kill himself like that! Hell, when I was 11, I was already thinking about sex, and violent games didn't make me do any of this dumb sh*t kids are doing now a days!

If his parents had have spent more time trying to talk to the kid, he might have had a little common sense! But when parents use a videogame as a digital babysitter and not pay attention to what the kid is playing... When something goes wrong... they want to blame the games! When in fact it is all their fault, because they are probably the ones who bought the games anyway!

NewSchoolGamer3701d ago

love to speak to those people that blame these tragedies on video games.

I think they just can't accept the fact that they "suck" at parenting and so they have to blame it on something else.

Not to mention parents have tools like the ESRB and a little something called common sense.

Yeah, go buy Halo for your 11 year old and keep your gun in a place where he can easily find it and play with it. Later just blame it on the game.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3701d ago

The only people that are problematic today in the videogame society are xbots.They are rude,overly angry,racist,lying,and defensive over the smallest little words such as "RROD",""f lop" or "Failo".Its a shame they continue to be ignorant but owning them daily is all the fun I need

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3701d ago

Its a shame this had to happen.The fact that an innocent life was lost and its blamed on something completely irrelevant

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The story is too old to be commented.