Knack 2 More Varied According To Mark Cerny, "We Took Our Feedback"

Cerny seems confident Knack 2 is going to better received this time around.

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FallenAngel1984428d ago

It better be, Sony could use use another quality 3D platformers franchise this gen that isn't polarizing. Knack 1 was decent, but it wasn't anything to boast about.

Star51428d ago

Optimistic with restraint

affrogamer428d ago

Release date announced: September 5, 2017!

Retroman428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

Seem like All Developers listening to gamers but Ea . Why!!!!! Andrew Wilson ?? Why are you ONLY listening to investor around the board room table ? they not concern or buying the developed product. it would be Ea best interest to start listening !!!! if Ubisoft ,Mark Cerny and others able to Jump in the Listen wagon why not you Ea , Ea it don't hurt to give us a CORRECT remake of Underground ,Mostwanted, Hotpursuit 2 .

Ea this is the Year the Mighty Wallet will talk Loud.

Payback already look crappy.

Can't wait for Knack 2 Knack 1 was fantastic

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