Beyond Good and Evil 2 Officially Announced With First Cinematic Trailer

Today, during Ubisoft's E3 2017 press conference, the publisher finally unveiled Beyond Good and Evil 2.

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Relientk77427d ago

I am losing my mind! Omg yes!

So hyped for this

notachance427d ago

it's finally happening holy sh*t, can't wait for the gameplay reveal!

fenome427d ago

Finally!! I was afraid it was vaporware at this point. Stoked on this!!

EddieNX 427d ago

No in game footage is worrying though and possibly always online multiplayer? Let's hope for the best.

fenome427d ago

Yeah, I still need to see gameplay and then there's Ubi with their everything online only crap. Still hoping for the best though, fingers crossed they don't screw it up.

-Foxtrot427d ago (Edited 427d ago )


I am gutted it's a prequel though after waiting 15 years. I thought Jade would be back but it's before she was born. Hopefully the third one will bring her back.

I wanted to know what happened Pey'J at the end of beyond good and evil!

freshslicepizza427d ago

"I am gutted it's a prequel"

Just never 100% satisfied with anything are you? No wonder Valve refuses to release Half Life 3, the game could never live up to the hype with all the armchair critics out there.

Myself I am ecstatic this is finally coming and also glad it's not exclusive like some of the past rumors for Nintendo.

EddieNX 427d ago

Were any platforms confirmed?

-Foxtrot427d ago


Why do you reply to people and bitch about them. I feel you get off on it.

ULTp0ltergeist427d ago

This about to be the biggest surprise at E3 in a long time, too bad no gameplay.

Golden_Mud427d ago

Actually, there was some gameplay in the background after the CGI reveal.

starchild427d ago

I know. This reveal made me so happy. I can't wait to see gameplay.

egidem427d ago

This literally made my jaw drop. I did not see this coming, but I welcome it with open arms!

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Ben Dover427d ago

FINALLY!! OMG, its been 15 years of waiting. One of the best games available during the PS2 era..

robtion427d ago

That looks amazing. Need to see more.

DigitalRaptor427d ago

I'm almost in tears here.

This game is going to be a work of art.

Star51427d ago

Indeed. All i need now is gameplay. Long live Monkey!

427d ago
blu3_puls3427d ago

My god that looks incredible. I hope it releases on all platforms.

KillBill427d ago

Its CGI video... not even close to representing any expected gameplay.

ThatGuyDart427d ago

Ubisoft is currently winning E3. That was the best conference so far

starchild427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

I agree. They showed a lot of interesting games, new IP and the return of a long beloved franchise, Beyond Good and Evil.