Sony Trademarks Shadow of The Colossus Ahead of Tonight's E3 Conference

Is this one of Sony's big announcements at tonight's E3 conference?


Update: A Shadow of The Colossus remake for PS4 was revealed at Sony’s E3 2017 conference.

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AspiringProGenji554d ago (Edited 554d ago )


Give it to meeeeeee!!
Hopefully it is not just an IP renewal

darthv72554d ago

Hopefully it is something new as the game was already given the HD remaster treatment on PS3. If it is a remake (like the PS4 ratchet and clank) I won't be disappointed but it would just fit the current narrative of sony and older games.

RpgSama554d ago

If they Remake it, fully from the ground up Remake it, I would buy it in a heartbeat, want to get lost in that strange land again, the game was so ahead of its time, that sometimes even the remaster didn't​ run as intended.

thekhurg554d ago

Hope it doesn't take as long to release as the Last Guardian did!

FITgamer554d ago

Remake or Sequel, Day One.

darthv72554d ago

@fit, sequel - day one. remake i will pass.

Farsendor1554d ago

Gaf Rumor has it as a remaster even possible remake but I wouldn't expect too much from the trademark.

mikeslemonade554d ago

Meh it's a catch 22. Remake would take forever. Another remaster is something we don't want anyway.

LexHazard79554d ago

Man I would be happy with a remaster on PS4 Pro.

MegamanXXX554d ago

That game alone is still better than Microsoft Press conference

SmielmaN554d ago

I laugh when reading ppl bitching about a SOTC remaster but in other articles are praising original Xbox box BC. Hilarious! As if it would be better to play a game from 2 gens ago in its original form, as opposed to having it improved upon and replay it that way.


_-EDMIX-_554d ago

I mean don't be surprised if they're simply re-releasing it with their PlayStation 2 emulation program.

bouzebbal554d ago

Gotta love Sony for all the good vibes..

darthv72554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

@smiel... maybe that's because SotC was already remastered on the PS3. Plays pretty damn good and looks good in HD. It also cost you again (if you bought the original) and if this is another remake then guess what... it will cost you again.

As for og xb, that doesnt cost anything (that we know of) and some of those games still hold up well today. So... yeah xb bc can be praised because it is taking something old and making it feel new again for free instead of taking something that was old, was remastered and then remastering it again for more $$ (that's just a possibility, not an exact run down of how it will be).

Like i said above. the sony narrative is that they dont know why people will play older games but as long as there is interest... they will be glad to sell them back to you (even if you already own them).

4U2NV554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

I dont care if its remake or remaster straight day one purchase. Just last week playing the last guardian i thought about sotc, i even put the soundtrack on and wished sony made a remake/remaster..... oh how my wish has came true!

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Timesplitter14554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

If they literally just take the original SotC and make it run 120 fps in HD, I will buy a PS4

If it's a complete remake that runs at 30 fps, I might pass

RommyReigns554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Shawn Layden's Twitter profile pic is Ratchet, maybe a sign of the new reboot Ratchet and Clank 2 appearing. Also the T shirt he wears at the E3 presentation could be another clue, he wore a Crash Bandicoot shirt years ago and the Trilogy Remaster is releasing at the end of this month (also Coco is fully playable in every level of the three games, she likely would have to be unlocked after completing the campaign first. And clues on Crash Team Racing on the Warped Trophies).

Gamist2dot0554d ago

Hum...he did wear a God of War shirt once at a conference and a new GOW was announced.

starchild554d ago

I sure hope something comes from this. Anything Japan Studio makes automatically gets my attention.

thejigisup554d ago

Only someone who doesn't like games, art, or life would disagree.

NecoTehSergal554d ago

And it's a fuckin beautiful Remake, my wallet is ready.

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zcmilano554d ago

I always prefer to see new IPs/new content, but this would actually be huge. A remake of one of my fav ever games. Get hyped.

SquidBuck554d ago

If you read the article, 4 other unknown names of possible games were also trademarked.

_-EDMIX-_554d ago

For all we know Sony might have simply told their lawyers to hold off on making the trademarks official so that way they could have a very explosive E3 as we haven't really got a lot of leaks from them compared to others.

starchild554d ago

Yeah, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are masterpieces and some of my most memorable games of all time. I already own the remastered collection for my PS3, as well as the originals on PS2, but if they actually remade SotC I would buy it.

-Foxtrot554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Strange. If it's a remake I thought they might have made a remake of ICO first...not something we really need though. I'm sure remake wise I could think of another few titles which would be better suited.

Not like them to go back sequel wise...thought it would be something new if it was a sequel

Wonder what it is.

Timesplitter14554d ago

That's not so strange to me. I'm pretty sure most people are massively more interested in an SotC remake than an Ico remake

naruga554d ago

SotC is a prequel to ICO so could make some sense if it is released 1st

_-EDMIX-_554d ago

I mean sure it makes sense if you're trying to look at it that way but I think all Fox is trying to say is that it would make more sense for them to release it the way they were originally released and not necessary in the original chronological order of the actual timeline of the series itself.

mxyzptlk554d ago

I hope it's a remake. Shadow of The Colossus doesn't really need a sequel imo.

Movefasta1993554d ago

I hope it's a sequel,we already have a great remaster on PS3,and the world is huge ,they could tell new stories. But a remake is cool too obviously

Darkfist_Flames554d ago

none of Ueda's game get sequels.

basilboxer554d ago

Wow, this would be absolutely massive. A slam dunk for Sony if that turns out to be the case.