IGN LBP Codes sent out just minutes ago

Check your inbox! Posters from numerous forums such as the official SCEA forums, NeoGAF, and GameTrailers are all reporting that IGN codes have just been sent. Here is proof:

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Timesplitter143607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

I feel lonely

But ok I'm giving up. My only real chance is with GS and I'll see if I get it this week. If not, I'll jist wait, play the games I wanna finish (Crysis Warhead, Wipeout HD, MGS4 for the 8th time, Ico, etc...) and experience LBP fully for the first time with the full game

Zydake3607d ago

i feel the same cant go home to a sackboy.... not even go home either im homeless too. No Luck With Beta's

trancefreak3607d ago

same i havnt received and ive tried :(

Delive3607d ago

I tried the GS way. I don't have time to chase beta codes across the web. I'm in WO:HD, Socom beta, Buzz, TW 2009, gears, halo 3, Burnout (Trophies!), Resistance 1 (Story) and 2 beta in a few weeks. I can wait on LBP, not like I have a shortage of games (for once).

IzKyD13313607d ago

lol, don't lie timesplitter, we all know you would kill to get into the beta (we all would)

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lesk8vaincra3607d ago


Got 2 of them!

So happy :D

Hagaf223607d ago

mind sharing? sharing is caring...

Yabanci893607d ago

i'll take one of those codes off your hands lesk haha

TheHater3607d ago

I did get a HOME BETA invite just now. I am donwloading it right now. So check your email to see if you got in the HOME Beta

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The story is too old to be commented.