The Witcher 3 Getting an XB1X Patch; PS4 Pro Will Receive Something, Too

An XB1X patch is being made for CD Projekt RED's The Witcher 3. The company also confirmed PS4 Pro is getting "something", too.

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MegaMohsi102d ago

sweet! That DF article about PS4 Pro support only being better with the release of Scorpio hit the nail on the head.

NewMonday102d ago

awesome, still haven't played blood and wine, saving it for the patch now.

Babadook7101d ago

I called this. Got it on sale but waited to play through it for Pro.

Movefasta1993101d ago

I haven't played the game lol I recently finished all the books and the final two are incredible,looking forward to buying the complete edition

Obscure_Observer102d ago


My thoughs exactly. :)

Septic101d ago

One X already making positive changes

SmielmaN101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Don't worry folks. Septics gone full retard today. He hide all last night after MS conference and had to think of how he could spin this to show his face around here again after all his Beast talk.

Keep trying buddy! Jump into all the articles to defend the game less Beast! Keep going little guy! Your medal for effort is in the mail! I like the ones where you cry about killzone2 better though! Keep doing that! Makes you look super smart!

Cmon kiddo! I know you can do it little guy!

TheCommentator101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

@ The Khurg

What's so hard to figure out? Septic is responding to a post that said XB1X is helping Pro get updates. Unless you don't think Pro getting updates is a positive change...

Septic101d ago

Oh Smiel....the BEAST is coming. I don't know why my comment triggered you though. 🤣

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Chris_Wray102d ago

Slight upgrades for console players are always handy. Be good for them to see The Witcher 3 in even better glory, just have to see how it all pans out for them.

Bronxs15101d ago

They are not all "slight" upgrades.

Slight upgrades would be going from PS4 to pro. I might get 1440 or checkerboard.

This is native 4k res with 4k assets. And in the case with some tittles added graphical effects. Check out the video with the gears guys detailing all exactly what's being added.

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seanpitt23102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

This is good news if I gets ps4 pro support I will definitely jump back and complete this game again.

DaGreatOne101d ago

This is all around great news.

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