Chrono Trigger Orchestra Extra Soundtracks Hits US as Pre-Order Bonus

Last month it was revealed that Japanese customers pre-ordering Chrono Trigger would be treated to a 2-track promotional music CD featuring arranged orchestral music from the game. The disc has now been spied as a pre-order bonus at GameStop in the United States, as if you needed another reason to pre-order the game. The first track will be an arrangement of the main theme while the second will be a medley from the game.

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Josh1billion3608d ago

Sounds like the recent release "Chrono Symphonic" from Overclocked Remix, which is freely available.

Arcubalis3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

It's definitely not that. The people who put Chrono Symphonic together would be promoting the hell out of it if that were the case. In fact, Square Enix has a history of being opposed to those kinds of remix projects. Lastly, there isn't a medley featuring all those tracks on the Chrono Symphonic project.

Josh1billion3607d ago

I didn't say it was the OC Remix release. I said it sounds _similar_ to it.

Arcubalis3606d ago

Oh, covering it up now, huh? ;)

I'm hoping it will be a lot better than Chrono Symphonic, but judging from the "orchestral" tracks that were featured in the Chrono Trigger remake for the PSX, I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up too high. =)