343 Industries Head explains the absence of next big Halo game in E3 2017

The head of the studio, Bonnie Ross, mentioned that the studio is currently working on “the next big game of Halo,” however, “they are not yet ready to be announced.”

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skydragoonityx102d ago

Well I'm a hardcore halo fan so personally i await the next in the series

super_bruno101d ago

Im glad they didn't show anything. Halo needs a break and this is coming from a huge fan of the franchise.

EatCrow100d ago

Longer dev time for the next one could be a good thing for halo.
Same with gears.

They need to bring the series forward for the fans.

FallenAngel1984102d ago

Are they going to make more spinoffs in this franchise

Trekster_Gamer101d ago

It was a big mistake not to have their presence at E3. They should have showed something of Flagship Halo running on their new flagship console I'm a huge Xbox fan but I was very much let down by this year's E3.

TheColbertinator101d ago

Would have been nice. Even a teaser.

Woolly_101d ago

nope. I'm glad they didn't . .

I'm against showing games that are very far from release.

luckytrouble101d ago

Ehhhh, in this case, Microsoft could have used that extra little boost to close their conference on a high note. Forza 7 being the only freshly announced AAA exclusive with so few others on the horizon really hurts. Timed exclusives and indies don't sell consoles.

TheColbertinator101d ago

2017-2020 to the end of the world release dates are no biggie for me

I am a gamer for life. My gaming adventures go past December 31,2017. Anyway that's just me. Been gaming since 1988 and I dont intend to stop.

VideoGameLab101d ago

Give me Halo 6 and im going in with Xbox One x

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The story is too old to be commented.