TGR Review: Castle Crashers

TGR - "Years ago, before the Xbox 360 launch, when the Live Arcade was just a pipe dream and Microsoft brains were envisioning what the pinnacle of XBLA could be, it was probably something like the idea of Castle Crashers. I say the "idea" of Castle Crashers, because anyone could imagine a multi-player 2D brawler with great co-op gameplay, but no one could imagine it like Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp, the minds behind the Behemoth."

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ihaten4glol3730d ago

I played the demo, and it was tons of fun, but I don't know about paying 1200 points for it. Maybe if I were rich.

aubradley3730d ago

Love this game, too bad it makes my thumbs so sore! But hey, it's a good ol' fashioned beat-em-up, and all that nostalgia is pretty nice.