PS Blog: Orlando Blog Reader's Meet-up Recap (plus a little something for those who couldn't make it - LBP Codes)

PS blog writes: "When we started planning our Orlando blog readers' meet-up, I can't say that I set the bar that high. 30 people would be stunning. After all, our previous meet-ups took place alongside industry events such as PAX and E3; we had a built-in audience. Last Friday in Orlando was just that: a Friday in Orlando.

And yet last Friday we held our biggest, most fun, and best event ever. Over 150 Floridians turned out (many driving from far-off locations such as Tampa and Gainesville) to partake in WipEout HD, LittleBigPlanet beta, Buzz! Quiz TV and BBQ. It was great to get to talk with so many of you, many of whom expressed thanks for coming all the way out there."

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