OXM UK Interview: Left 4 Dead's Chet Faliszek

OXM UK writes: "The new issue of OXM hit the shelves today, and the cover feature is our exclusive hands-on with the multiplayer of Valve's brilliant new zombie co-op game, Left 4 Dead. As part of it, we got to chat with game writer and half of legendary games site Old Man Murray, Chet Faliszek. Here are some of the good bits that we couldn't fit into the mag...

OXM: What has your role been with L4D?

Chet: Turtle Rock had been working on it for a while, and Erik Wolpaw and I saw it, and loved it. We told Gabe Newell that lunchtime how much we loved it, and then Gabe sent an email to Mike Booth (project lead at Turtle Rock) saying, "Chet and Erik are working on your game." I had more involvement, because Erik was working on this little game, Portal - crappy, no story."

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