Gamepro:6 games we'd love to see recreated in LitttleBigPlanet

Gamepro chose six games they would like to see recreated in LittleBigPlanet.

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ThatCanadianGuy3397d ago

Ratchet & clank:QFB would be really cool on LBP

*_*3397d ago

((any ps3 game would be great in lbp i will get a beta key from my developer friend later tonight so i will re-create too human in it all i will do is make one big turd and it will be done))

Invalid Username3397d ago

I cant wait to see a recreated MGS4 level with a Sack version of the Mark II!

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*_*3397d ago

((i really feel sorry for xbots i mean why dont they just sell their consoles they are missing out on the best games))

*_*3397d ago

((it is no wonder xbots are suicidal they are depressed from missing little big planet))

Resistance--------Ge3397d ago

XBOTS will be stuck playng banjo HAHAHAHA

It sucks to be an XBOT "

They're not even playing,didn't you hear Xbox live is down hahahahahahaha!

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