Resistance 2 Hands-on Preview: The Best Shooter of 2008?

Shacknews writes: "To say that Resistance 2 developer Insomniac is confident in its latest PlayStation 3 first person shooter would a bit of an understatement.

At a recent press event in New York, studio president and R2 creative director Ted Price declared that the sequel's single-player campaign, 8-person online co-op play and 60-person online multiplayer combine to form the "biggest game and the best game that we've ever made.'"


Forgot to mention site name: Shacknews: Resistance 2 Hands-on Preview: The Best Shooter of 2008?

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CrippleH3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

That was cool.

One part kicked *ss!
The part when the Chimera got torn apart in midair by a grenade I think.

Day 1 for me.

The Co op footage is awesome as well.

jkhan3703d ago

Awesomeness is the name of the game:P
Nov. 4 is the day we fight:D

Blademask3703d ago

I count 55 on screen..

LoL, its just funny knowing other game engines can't do this at all. This isn't just 1 part of a segment of the game.. this is the full game, where you walk outside and still are moving in city blocks

PoSTedUP3703d ago

wow look at all the action and enemy's on screen, the ps3 is amazing!

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