1up giving LittleBigPlanet keys now

1UP writes:

"You will need to PM me your answer to our Daily Trivia Question! First 500 to correctly answer will receive a code. Easy enough, Right?"


The answer is 'Nick'. Hurry and PM him before it's too late!

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RecSpec3701d ago

With 500, either you know it, or you have to guess.

I guessed.

LoVeRSaMa3701d ago

I watched the vid and answered.

Now its just time to play:

The Waiting Game O_o

(but i'd rather paly LBP ofc ;p)

thor3701d ago

Already done. I actually watched the video too. I kept this page on refresh and so, hopefully, I've got a code coming my way. It's touch and go, though :( I want this beta so badly :S

Imallvol73701d ago

What is the answer? Please help us!

thor3701d ago

I got it right - was I one of the first 500 though?

TheExecutive3701d ago

I sent my message at 4:51 MST and if I didnt get one I am going to freak the F*CK out.

thor3701d ago

Good thing there is one of these every day, but now everyone knows the nature of the questions so everyone's going to be hunting through 1up and watching everything they can... that's exactly what they want I suppose...

TheExecutive3701d ago

sent the right message about 10 min ago