Rumor: Gears 2 map DLC packaged with game

Posted over on the Evil Avatar forums is a supposed list of Gears of War 2 information gathered from the latest issue of GamePro magazine. According to Mr. forum poster and his GamePro mag, Gears 2 will ship with a redemption code that enables players to download five remade maps from the original Gears free of charge. The remade maps - Gridlock, Subway, Canals, Mansion, and Tyro Station - will be available to download off the XBLM day one of release, but ONLY to those who purchase a new copy of the game with the redemption code.

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NegativeCreepWA3699d ago

Must not be enough room on the disc for all the maps. At least this is better than them selling the maps to us at a later date.

Sitdown3699d ago

"but ONLY to those who purchase a new copy of the game with the redemption code."

I think that there is enough room......but this is an attempt to slight gamestop and other companies that sell used games. Especially how recently there have been articles with regards to developers getting less money do it people buying used instead of new.........this looks like an incentive to me for people to buy new.

GameOn3699d ago

sounds like a good way of fighting the second hand market. More money to them.

Tacki3699d ago

As long as they're free I'm happy. But if it comes packaged with the code that's even better.

dork07833699d ago

IM looking to this game everyday.

BrunoM3699d ago

only game il be geting for my x360 for a long time .. kinda like more the games that are coming for my ps3 ..

but these one is gona be a must buy ..(well the only must buy for ME )

AAACE53699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

They would have to do that to get more people to buy it new wouldn't they? Well, doesn't matter... I was going to buy it new anyway!

I gotta figure out which games I am going to buy, and which ones I will wait for. There are too many games coming out and it will get expensive! I could spent $250 in October alone!

And before the fanboys get started... I know alot of them are multiplat, but like all real gamers... that kind of BS doesn't matter to me!

If you want to, you can buy LBP, R2, and whatever exclusives are on Ps3, but I like variety and you should too!

Buy more than just exclusives people... you will enjoy the experience on your chosen console that much more!

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