Overwatch Cracking Down On "Leavers"

Overwatch’s Game Director Jeff Kaplan’s statements on the Overwatch Forum have made the studio’s stance on Leavers and Throwers clear. Yesterday Kaplan took to the forums to respond to a question about Leavers/disconnects.

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lio_convoy163d ago

So the author got the word wrong. It's not a leaver. It's a rage quitter. I guess the author doesn't know much about gaming. So read the article at your own risk.

T1125P163d ago

Ok so they will troll and not leave but throw the match. Same thing as a leaver pretty much, it will still feel like a 5v6 match. Or there are ways to act like your playing but not doing nothing at all and without dying as well :D

link2Dpast163d ago

Man I've been seeing it happen way to often. Had someone who just trolled and did nothing, luckily still was able to win the match. As for rage quitters, sometimes the match just cancels depending on how early the person leaves but I had matches where we catch the point Asap and the match cancels, now that sucks. They should just give everyone a respective experience and the leaver nothing if the match is already gonna be cancelled

blackblades163d ago

I think I seen that but not sure. I do know that I got annoyed a couple of times when someone left a competitive match. I think they stop the match if someone leaves now right.

link2Dpast163d ago

Yea I've never researched if it's based on a time limit but I remember this situation specifically. It was in Hollywood and we literally rushed out the door, great team comp, rushed through the big door choke hold, Got a couple of picks, someone left match, literally took less than a minute and a half no lie. We were all on the point someone left and the math still was able to cancel. I honestly couldn't understand, we were on the point that shouldn't happen

X-Alchemist163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Should just create a team death match game mode since most people on this game hardly play as a team and just want kills to satisfy their dopamine addiction.

T1125P163d ago

hmm, the way I see it can work is that if 1 or more leave during a comp. match, the team with no leavers wins and the team with leavers loses but the team with leavers has their SR stay the same. Why should it go down when someone leaves they really have to fix that bullshit. I got screwed during my placement had 3 matches with leavers, so crap placement. I really put the blame on Blizzard for that. Your placement should not count if you have leavers that is unfair because the other team has the advantage.