Gears of War 2 - Previewer's Last Words

Gears of War 2 embargo was lifted today and the web is on fire with campaign previews, new screenshots and more. Most interesting are the last words of those that previewed Gears:

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GiantEnemyCrab3676d ago

Yup, there will always be someone out there who go against the grain but it seems like the consensus is this game is going to kick ass and has exceeded the first in all areas.

As if there was ever a doubt..

zimbo0073676d ago

the game is just like the first one

more like Gears 1.1 as said by BIT TECH ---the site is owned by MART or POG

was there any doubt---? no website not evn IGN is calling it GOTY contender . wonder why?

LeonSKennedy4Life3676d ago

It won't be up for GOTY.

1. MGS4
2. LBP
3. Fallout 3
5. Far Cry 2

I don't think Spore will make it, guys...

Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2 will both be great, but won't win GOTY.

Nintendo Rep3676d ago

Ahem, let me fix that list for you.

GOTY of 2008
1. Wario Land: Shake It!
2. Wii Music
3. Super Mario Sluggers
4. de Blob
5. Samba de Amigo.

N4PS3G3676d ago

hey zimbo007 ..wait..i mean CAHILL .

how many accounts do you have?

2 bubbles already ??


Lord Vader3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

GOTY 2008.

Go ahead & start the crying.

Close_Second3676d ago a damn if a game wins GOTY. What does that actually mean to anyone other than those who developed the game. Its like when an actor wins an oscar - means nothing to those who pay to see the movies, except maybe higher ticket prices.

I've played some great games this year and having none of them win GOTY won't change my opinion of those games what so ever.

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TheMART3676d ago

@ fishy and those other PS3 fans

Why don't you go complain about the LBP beta key stories running around on N4G all day? Now those are boring and lame.

And get the PS3 positive blog stories out of N4G also please.

@ zbimbo007

Dude I am not into blogs, my name would be pretty clear I guess where my home is...

Gears 1: 9.4 out of 10
Resistance 1: 8.6 out of 10

Gears 2 will cut Resistance 1.1 in two parts again this winter.

Blademask3676d ago

But Resistance on the other hand, is boasting new innovative features that all media sources are drooling over. Which can't be said about the 2 player addition to Gears, or the Extra player in single player (co-op). So it will be that 8.6 + the things that held it back last time.. if you care about reviews so much. Have you played any of the 360's current flops this year though? Or is 86% NOT a flop??

Did you play NG2? Were you seen on n4g defending NG2's score?

hmm.. I remember.

LeonSKennedy4Life3676d ago

Which one would everyone rather play RIGHT NOW? Gears of War or Resistance: Fall of Man?


I'll let the masses decide.

socomnick3676d ago

Kennedy that answers quite simple gears man. Its a much better franchise that Im sure playstation only fans wish they had.

Nintendo Rep3676d ago

I sure as hell don't want either. You guys wait til our blockbuster announcements at TGS, think Mario Party and Counterstrike put together and that's an idea how crazy TGS will be.

Hububla3676d ago

im a socom fan and im not a fan of gears... i played the first and it was alright but kinda boring after the first 3-4 levels... its the same thing through the whole dam game... cover-shoot-cover-shoot-cover- shoot yawn... you can keep it thanks

Tacki3676d ago

I'd rather play both! :)

And I will.

Seriously though, why does every freakin' article about Gears of War 2 or Resistance 2 get filled up with comments about how one will crush the other? We don't need this folks. Maybe this isn't the most 'important' article ever... but neither is half the stuff that gets posted on N4G. Every section has its share of crap. People should stick the the sections they really care about. The games they really care about. You can share your opinion... but there's no reason to bring up other games. This article was just a collection of different website's previews and thoughts... it never claimed Gears of War 2 was 'better' than any other title.

I don't see why this has to become a war. Just remember that many of the negative comments you make are going to be mirrored in the comment section of whatever game you prefer. Haters will be haters. All games can be appreciated. They don't have to be 'better' than another to be 'good' or 'fun'.

And I don't care who started it... if you're going to respond to a hater or fanboy let's at least try to be civil. Firing OPINIONS back and forth is pretty futile. You can defend a game without putting down another. Trust me, it's entirely possible.

Jandre023676d ago

America =/= the world and the Xbox isn't a dominant console. You may think everyone wants Gears, but pretty much everyone who would want to play that game has the consoole after 3 years.

I am much more interested in Resistance 2, and most interested in KZ2 as a shooter. Ive seen Gears already. Gears 2 is the exact same. Resistance saw a major revamp with many new features, expansion of Gears = 1 more player per side in multiplayer.

Gears 2 will be a strong sequel, but its not a huge leap forward. Many people will play it but not many people are going to be amazed with it this time around.

3676d ago
LeonSKennedy4Life3676d ago

You can say that all you want guys...but honestly...despite the graphics...Resistance is a game with much more substance and replayability than Gears of War.

Gears had the initial shock value of a new camera system, but it got very repetitive...even for a 6-8 hour game...12 or so on hardcore. It's probably just that most of you haven't played Resistance yet. It is an amazing game though. The online is some of the best this generation...Insomniac is always updating it and adding goodies.

kewlkat0073675d ago

Haha that's the some Weak Sauce, right thurr..

Keeps getting better..

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Kratos_19863676d ago

it was a waste of time ..if any one want to get his hands now ! on a copy of [email protected] of war 2..... just go buy gears of war 1

( yeah they are both the same game but its just the control of M$ over the bots lol easy money from the bots cugh,,,, halo3 )

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3676d ago

I agree with the previewers.If Microsoft paid me as much as they did for the Halo 3 review,I would call Gears of War 2 a GOTY...nah I'm gonna speak the truth instead

bouncybullet3675d ago

None of the sites get paid.


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