Did The Game Media Make Jack Thompson?

Kombo reports, "Recently, Doug Lowenstein, the former head of the ESA, commented on the disbarment of Jack Thompson. He not only pointed out that Thompson was a quack, but also noted that the games media, made him this way. Lowenstein stated that the extensive time spent covering his comments, both in and out of the courtroom, fed Thompson need for attention.

Here are some excerpts from his comments..."

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DavidMacDougall3699d ago

I wonder what jack will do now?

Stop people from smoking?
Stop people from driving?
Attack fat people?

Who knows either way this guy is just a pain hope he gets a real job and keeps his nose out of everything

eagles19903699d ago

Someone should throw him from the tallest bridge in the world

Pebz3699d ago

Thus making him a "martyr", and probably giving games more hassle than Jack could produce in a life-time... now that would be both very ironic and misfortunate.

FCOLitsjustagame3699d ago

The media didnt "make him" a quack they just encouraged his already quacky nature and gave him a name. As much as JT professes his hate for video games I think he knows he NEEDS them to exist because that his is only chance for fame, and it did get him on TV a couple of times and get him some money from some poor saps who just lost their kids.

Mahr3699d ago

Ah, it's refreshing to read someone correctly characterizing the Thompson situation.

The gaming media should have learned long ago not to feed the trolls.

bgrundman3699d ago

It is a good idea not to feed them, especially after dark...