The Top 7 Stupidest Puzzles

If your answer made even the slightest molecule of sense, you clearly haven't played enough videogames. Puzzles aren't meant to be simple - they're meant to sell hint books and strategy guides. Obstacles aren't meant to be obvious - they're meant to artificially lengthen the adventure!

Here are the seven most bizarre, irrational and frustratingly convoluted examples GamesRadar has ever encountered. They don't just spit in the face of logic... they kick logic right in the balls.

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IAm1Bearcat3726d ago

haha, oh man!
the first game was hilarious to read about.

the resident evil 4 puzzle, after thinking about it, was oddly designed especially with the bell and the writing on the wall...

but this was a fun read, especially with the pictures of each items. simply hilarious!