Amazon June Blowout Sale: Save Huge On Recently Released Games

If you are shopping for video games, then there is no better place for you to do so than on Amazon. More specifically, you can go for the Amazon June Blowout Sale. It features the discounts on recently released and old games. If you've been waiting to get some new games to play, then this is the time for you to do so.

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naruga551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

everybody Boycott the lame Resident evil 7 order to Capcom to get a grip and delete this abomination from Resident evil series

SoulMikeY551d ago

You either didn't play 5 and 6, or you just hate the first 4. Either way, no. RE7 was a 9/10. And since it stands next to its ugly friends 5 and 6, it has 10 factor. I might buy it again just to show support.

naruga551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

RE7 is the shame of the series ...i m hardcore fan or RE1(original pS1version) RE3 and RE Outbreak however i ve played through all of the games and i enjoyed what they offered as games ( they were not all good REsident evil games) ...RE7 destroyed anyrything that had relation with the series, must be abolished (FPS trash horror copy of new cinema horro movies and games , with untalented , uninspired work behind any element , shty enemies , 0 variety, , childish-clisched atmosphere, retarded Chris and list goes on)

AnubisG551d ago

naruga, RE7 made RE relevant again. If you don't like it, than keep playing the older RE titles. Simple as that. You are going down the crazy end with shit like "it must be abolished" "it must be erased". Are you insane guy? Relax!

Conviktion551d ago

Agreed. And the vr play is amazing.

zaherdab551d ago

You should start a movement and start protesting on the streets .... don't waste your time playing video games !!! just boycott them all !!! you should even boycott n4g maybe the internet too !!! Boycott everything!

Sherif129551d ago

No thanks, I'll be buying this. Best RE since Resident Evil 3. Go enjoy your RE 5 and 6 action games.

Bronxs15551d ago

As a multi console owner u was gonna get re7 on PS4 due to its better visual fidelity than the Xbox one version.

Now I'm waiting to see how Scorpio changes things. I wonder if there will be a patch or just general performance improvements on scorpion even without a patch.

Waiting to see what Scorpio brings to the table. 1 more day!

Rob_Ko551d ago

paying 500$ to see a slightly better (uglier) goo-monsters, oh well your choice.

Bronxs15550d ago

I don't think I'd pay that much if it's slightly better. That's kinda why I said I'm waiting to see what it brings to the table. After I see I'll be able to see if it has any value to me. As well I'm hopin for aggressive trade in bonuses.

And it's not just for slightly better looking games. Also interested in it if it pans out what eurogamer was saying that it will make loading a lot faster across the board especially for backward compatibility games. I have a nice backlog I want to play through .

And I'm also thinking they have some unannounced Scorpio features to announce.

paulust2002550d ago

I've played on both xbox one and ps4 pro, and didn't see a huge leap in quality. VR changes everything though, you really feel like you are in 'that house'.

Obviously you take away the resolution and fidelity, but worth it. I can't go back.

A monster on screen is nothing when you've seen them actually look 8ft tall right in front of you.

KyRo551d ago

You're still harping on about this. I was hesitant too but after the complete shambles the previous entries had been, I gave it a go and it was incredible. Were never going to get a RE1-RECV style game again. It's sad but we ain't but what RE7 brought was really good and the best the Series had been since CV. (RE4 was amazing but also started the downfall)

Venox2008551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

Resident evil 1 remake and Resident Evil zero are amazing too.. I recommend them.. Re 7 in VR is amazing

letsa_go551d ago

Best buy with GCU is still cheaper than this

CoryHG551d ago

Post picture of Resident Evil 7 on sale. Same price as it has been. GTFO

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