Does Bethesda’s Prey reboot deliver? | State of Play

Vic B'Stard writes: "Bethesda taps Dishonored’s Arkane Studios to reboot the 2006 video game, Prey.

I quite liked the original Prey, developed by Human Head Studios and published by 2K. It was about a native American getting abducted by aliens. The protagonist could use his Cherokee heritage to spirit-walk, or something, in order to escape the alien spaceship. A sequel was planned, but never materialised.

You can forget all about the previous paragraph, as the 2017 Prey shares only a name with the original game."

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ArchangelMike165d ago

Yes. Yes it does. It's the Half-Life 3 we've been waiting for.

Allsystemgamer164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Not even close to half life 3.

ArchangelMike163d ago

How would you know? Have you played Half Life 3?