If Soulja Boy Made a Video Game...

Over the past couple of weeks, rapper Soulja Boy has made a splash in the gaming world by first posting a horrendous review of 'Braid', and now revealing in his latest video blog post that he wants to actually make video games.

That got the people at Binge Gamer to thinking: "If Soulja Boy made a game, what would it be?" After spending many hours in their underground laboratories, they have figured it out... and it is not pretty...

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DarthTigra 3699d ago

Soulja boy=The death of rap.

zerolinkgannon3699d ago

LMFAO!! So true. If he made a game, the plot would be pointless...just like his music lol

Bnet3433699d ago

Soldier Boy's favorite game right hurr:


As far as I care, I do like him. He is killing rap faster. :)

(Don't take my bubbles, take a joke)

Nintendo Rep3698d ago


deeznuts3698d ago

Ice-T agrees with you:
Warning: Obscene language.

And Ice-T is a damn legend!

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Forbidden_Darkness3699d ago

If this blog post was any stupider, i'd kill myself, seriously... why do people approve crap like this?

Max Power3698d ago

because to take a break from all the flaming that goes on.

Bnet3433699d ago

Yeah that's what they said about 50 Cent ... then Bulletproof went on to sell 2 million. There are a lot of people who like Soldier Boy's "sh*t" I don't.

TheColbertinator3699d ago


I agree with you.

btw,See? I'm not banned.

TheColbertinator3699d ago

I fear this might be end of videogames itself.That and Wii Fit 2

Bnet3433699d ago

you got kicked outta gamer zone? lol

GiantEnemyLobster3699d ago

A crappy game for a crappy console, a match made in heaven!

TheColbertinator3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )


I stay here for the fun.It amuses me to see people strangling each other to death in the open zone over a plastic inanimate object.I also enjoy seeing people defend the consoles as if they were their mothers and attacking the other consoles as if they were their mother's rapists.



Re-read that.
People in the fun zone defend consoles like their mothers.

People in the fun zone attack consoles as if they were their mother's rapists-meaning that they had have a huge psychological fixation on attacking on something that is troubling them but they are completely angry and obsessed about it.Meaning its a threat to something personal to them like a parent or in this case consoles.Understand?

DailyAddict3699d ago

just as craptacular as his music? Possibly even worse since he's the only person in history to prove song after song that yes it is possible that a person can actually get worse at writing music despite time and practice.

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