'MotorStorm: Pacific Rift' (PS3) Nearing Completion

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift is moving from the rugged desert to a lush Pacific island with all of the vehicles familiar of the first game (ATVs, rally cars, buggies, motorbikes, race trucks, etc.), while adding a new monster truck class. Evolution studios revealed the game is nearing completion as they have just submitted the gold master candidate to testers, to give testers one last hammering.

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thor3728d ago

This game is basically the game MS1 should have been.

MS1 should have come with as many, varied tracks, split-screen, eliminator and time trial modes from the off.

MS2 has a similar level of graphical detail to MS1 from what I have seen. It looks better, but it's not miles ahead.

The big new thing they have promoted for MS2 is "THE MONSTER TRUCK"... to which, most people's reaction was, "Well done. You've added a new vehicle class. What else is new?"

They have added a new dynamic in the hot and cold affecting your boost - but they seem to have removed most of the thick mud which was one of the graphical highlights of the first game.

So it's not a substantial improvement/change over MS1. It's simply the game MS1 should have been. I'll probably pick it up for the split-screen alone.

Cartesian3D3728d ago

but graphic improvement isnt just about better textures,HDR or 3d models...

they improved crash physics this term you cant find any competition for this game .. just compare MS1,burnout with MS:PR.. you will find out they work very hard to simulate the best Car CRASH you ever seen in a video game..

and about other aspects, I think they improved lighting,textures and environment details too .. even in 80% completed engine it looks leaps and bounds better than the orginal..

with split screen,improved graphics,new class,various tracks and new modes it will be the best arcade racer to date (same as the original imo)

Dragunov3728d ago

Totally agree. Motorstorm only need a few things to be perfect, the gameplay and the graphics are truly good but the game was a little bare-bones. PR will be at the same level of burnout and wipeout

LarVanian3728d ago

I think in the end, Motorstorm: PR could quite possibly look better than Uncharted. There was one of part of PR that looked very realistic that it reminded me of Crysis.

cmrbe3728d ago

be a huge improvement from the first graphically as the first one was very pretty to begin with. The best part for me is the addition of Split Screen and offcourse the monster truck.

El_Colombiano3728d ago

Well the fact that they switched up the entire rendering and physics engine contributes to the fact this game is not insanely superior to the original game.

Nineball21123727d ago

of how much an improvement is made in terms of graphics, I think there are enough other improvements (more tracks, split screen, etc.) that this one will do better in terms of sales.

However, the first one was part of a bundle and I think that helped tremendously with the sales of that game. (I must admit that I'm not 100% sure if bundled sales are included in overall sales of a game or not... I'm just assuming they are.)