The 8 Best Booties of Gaming: 2017 Edition

While facial textures and smooth animations are important in gaming, sometimes you gotta check out the polygons where they really count. So let's take a fun, not to be taken seriously, troll-bating in the comments section look at the best butts in video game history (updated for 2017 no doubt)!

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BadElf432d ago

That black character in ARMS.....dat ass!

Glak18432d ago

Tiffany Cox from Friday the 13th is all I have to say.

Sciurus_vulgaris432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Tracer over the EXTRA THICC Widowmaker ! What blasphemy is this?

Injusticewarrior432d ago

If you want your hobby to not be considered toxic and sexist, maybe stop with these lists?
It's gross and imature, as bad if not worse then the diversity police.

KwietStorm432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Checking out some ass is gross and immature? lol it's not even serious.. anyway there's several men and women on the list. Don't know where you get toxic and sexist from. Lighten up.

Injusticewarrior432d ago

This has to be explained to you?
A list about body parts might be seen as imature and gross. Btw it kind of is.
Serious or not...
This industry gets scrutinized over this sort of thing.
I don't care what you do like or don't. What you check out or not.
I do care about this Industy and how us as gamers are precived.
Clear enough?

Cheers ;)

431d ago
KwietStorm431d ago

Yea it's clear enough. Maybe you can condescend to me more next time so I can get even more clarity. Shows a lot of maturity too. A lot of things get wrongly scrutinized. So you either put on a suit and change your face for them, or you keep doing what you're doing, which is bringing no harm to anyone, and stay who you are until their walls are torn down. Grow a pair.

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