Formula Fusion Review - Not the Spiritual Sequel to WipEout We Hoped For | COGconnected

COGconnected writes: We had to opportunity to check out Formula Fusion, the supposed spiritual sequel to WipEout, by R8 Games and come out feeling rather disappointed.

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UCForce557d ago

Wow ! The game isn't successful.

NiteX557d ago

Sure it's not as good as Wipeout but it's not THAT bad.

no_ripley557d ago

So the only game better than Wipeout and F-Zero is Fast Rmx on Nintendo Switch. This game blows your head off!!

Dark_Knightmare2557d ago

Fast rmx is good but no it's def not better than wipeout or f-zero

IamTylerDurden1557d ago

Wipeout Omega is a better game than Fast rmx. F-Zero is also better, but let's stay relevant.

Wipeout Omega is a better game and it's native 4K, 60, with HDR. Fast rmx is between 900 and 1080p docked and 720p and below undocked. It uses an adaptive resolution and falls below HD at times when undocked. So, not only is Wipeout Omega a better game, but it also runs at more impressive specs.

Fast rmx is good, but it is not Wipeout Omega good.

UCForce557d ago

Sorry, but Wipeout Omega Collection is much better than this and Fast RMX.

IamTylerDurden1557d ago

I'm hoping for a new Wipeout at E3. Wipeout on PSVR. Omega Collection reminds us how damn good Wipeout is.

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