Game Focus: PAIN: Amusement Park Review

As expected Amusement Park comes with some extra trophies for you to unlock and a couple of them are actually very easy to unlock, but some are going to take some extra skill, patience and a lot of luck to finally unlock. But those trophies are the ultimate bragging rights if you do win them.

Should you buy the expansion to PAIN? Only if you loved the original and the new content is something you feel will be worth while to play solo or with your friends. If you only had a minor interest in the original game, this probably will not change your mind in the end.

+ a new level finally
+ new trophies are decent and take some skill to get
+ a few very painful cool things can happen
+ easy way to turn PAIN into a drinking game with Call da Shot

- the level is not as fun or well designed as the original one is
- same old game basically

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