OXM Online: Tour de Force (Guitar Hero: World Tour Preview)

The mohawked drummer from bands like +44 and Blink-182 peers out from behind a mountain of toms and cymbals on the virtual Guitar Hero World Tour stage, making him the latest in a growing list of celebrities to lend both his music and his likeness to the powerhouse Guitar Hero franchise. Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams has also signed on, making them appropriate spokes-avatars for aspiring singers and drummers eager to jam with their guitar- and bass-playing friends.

And who wouldn't want to be on this Tour? With more than 5 million copies of Guitar Hero II and III sold on Xbox 360 alone, Guitar Hero World Tour is poised to take the franchise in some ambitious new directions this year - everything from eight-player online matches to a music-creation suite that could completely change the rules about user-created content on Xbox Live, not to mention cloud the issue of where playing fake music ends and making real music begins. Lucky for OXM Online, Neversoft's invited them over to play the game for themselves.

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