Techgage: Intel Desktop Board DG45ID Review

Techgage Writes:

"However, the G45 Express chipset pairs the G45 northbridge with an improved storage controller, the ICH10R, which offered some performance improvement in benchmark tests that tended to stress the storage subsystem more heavily. One thing we were pleased to see was that on the DG45ID, there wasn't a marginal Realtek integrated anything to be found - the integrated IDT audio and Intel Ethernet controller were both of higher quality than we're used to seeing on a motherboard in this category.

The Intel DG45ID represents Intel's latest take on what an ideal home theater PC motherboard should be. The G45 Express chipset shows quite a bit of promise, with its functional hardware acceleration for HD video playback, and its support for DirectX 10. The DG45ID melds the G45 chipset with an enticing array of integrated peripherals, and Intel's legendary reputation for stability and build quality.

However, we can't help but feel that perhaps Intel's third-party board partners may be able to obtain better performance from the G45 chipset. Perhaps, at least in the enthusiast market, Intel should consider stepping aside and allowing its motherboard partners to deliver more highly-tweaked solutions based upon its chipsets in the future."

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