Gamespot: Stoked First Look

When Amped decided to go flashy and over-the-top with its third installment, things began to look grim for the realistic action sports genre. At that point, the Tony Hawk series still had plenty of momentum as it continued to grow more eccentric with each passing year, and it seemed like anyone hoping for an action sports game with more of an eye on realism than extreme style was out of luck. But then Skate came along and breathed life into the genre, leaving the door wide open for games that aimed to offer an authentic representation of their board sport of choice. Following in its footsteps is Stoked, a game that's aiming to do for the mountains what Skate did for the sidewalks.

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Xi3724d ago

there's a lot of bloom, everything is white and everything is reflecting more white.

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FCOLitsjustagame3725d ago

This or the other one. I will most likely get a snowboarding game this year but which one is still up for debate.