If PS4 wants to win E3 2017... Sony needs another huge surprise

It's hard to keep a secret when you plaster it 50ft high up the side of a hotel in downtown L.A., but it would seem this is Sony's strategy. Even before E3 has kicked off Sony went all-in with a giant billboard for God of War, a hulking brute of an advert that, literally, casts a shadow over E3. In one ballsy move Sony has set the tone for its conference… games, games, and more games.

But it’s also shown its weakness, when you have too many AAA games (nine should make the show, with GT Sport, Days Gone and Spider-Man PS4 elbowing into God of War) it can be hard to find room for a shock surprise that will get the crowd roaring.

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fenome347d ago

Could really care less about them "winning" E3, but I expect a good damn show regardless. I've got my fingers crossed on a couple things, that's for sure!

Kingthrash360346d ago

Shouldn't it be MS who needs tge huge surprise?
I mean they announced the scorpio last E3 we know over half the games that will be there...crackdown, sea of theives, forza 6 and 7, cuphead, below, state of decay, and shadow of war.
It's MS who needs momentum and it all can be derailed if the scorpio costs too much.
Sony has done a great job delivering games and game filled E3's
Sony has nothing to prove, it's MS who needs a surprise. They have everything to prove

darthv72346d ago

Announcing bc would be huge and shut down the argument from xbox gamers (myself included).

darthv72346d ago

^then that argument rolls on.

UCForce346d ago

But do you really think is a game changer ? You need to get it with the time. I missed the good old days, but time is moving and we have to move on. There is no going back after that. Only thing we hope is better future for gaming.

Blastoise346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Microsoft have been riding on nothing but backwards compatability for about two years. It was an absolutely genius move by them, because it's given them a stupid amount of leeway from their fans for some reason. They've barely supported the Xbox one with any good games and now they're moving over to their next console.

But hey, I guess we can play Black ops 2 again right? Backwards compatability is good and all, but if all you Xbox fans care about are last gen games then there's a brilliant console that came out for a lot less than the Xbox one, it's called the 360.

Major_Glitch346d ago

Lol! BC?! Is BC STILL the only thing the One has got going for it? That's really sad.

JackBNimble346d ago

At this point b/c should be left for the ps5, not much point bringing it this late in the generation.

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remixx116346d ago

If the bloodborn 2 and monster Hunter 5 rumors are true then.......

fenome346d ago

I desperately need more Bloodborne in my life. It's ruined other games for me, it's what I want the most out of this E3.

rainslacker346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

I would be thrilled if Sony has an excellent show like the last couple years, and we end up having a real competition for who won that is actually based on quality instead of console preference.

In 2015 it was like that. Sony had a great conference, but MS conference was also great, and in some ways better. Sony generated more hype due to the megabombs, but both conferences were excellent.

fenome346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Yeah, I'm definitely hoping for great conferences all around. It's better for all of us when the competition is fierce, not between us, but the companies themselves.

This gen is just starting to heat up, I've got a great feeling this E3 is gonna be a really good one all around. Can't believe it's already starting, like right now almost.

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corroios347d ago

Nope, just the release dates of gt sports, days gone spider gow tlou2 knack 2 and so on

Travis3708347d ago

No they don't. Sony has shown enough and if they wanna show something new, then i'm fine with it. All I want is gameplay from the one's shown last year with release dates. MS is the one who has to show something "New" for me to be excited since they haven't released any brand new IP's all year.

DigitalRaptor346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Spider-Man and God of War alone will generate the hype, and those are already known.

They don't "need" to but they will bring it by default because they have invested in what matters. They also have PSX (and more) for fans in the year, so it's not like E3 is the be all and end all of what is a big deal for PlayStation throughout the year. Imagine having to wait 12 months after E3 is finished for something else of a similar magnitude? PlayStation fans don't have to.

RAM0N 347d ago

I'm looking forward to the unannounced games.
Sucker Punch new ip
From soft new ip
And more.

Obscure_Observer347d ago

I´m hyped. God of War and Spiderman confirmed!

I knew Death Stranding, Shenmue 3 and (probably) FFVII Remake wouldn´t make it to this year´s E3.

I´m also expect Detroit, Dreams, Sucker Punch´s new IP and Bloodborne 2 gameplay footages to be shown on stage.

RAM0N 347d ago

Yeah, I hope Detroit gets a release date for this year.

OB1Biker346d ago

No Sony doesnt need a huge surprise. There will be huge surprises though as usual.

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