Tom's Games Review: Crysis Warhead

Ryan Lord writes: "It's surprising to think that it's already been close to a year since the original Crysis hit store shelves. Upon release, Crysis was graced with great reviews and plenty of fanfare but was extremely taxing on even high-end PC gaming rigs. The highly anticipated PC game even sparked controversy when initial sales reports put the game at just 86,000 copies sold in its first month (not long after that, Electronic Arts countered with a "one million copies sold" press statement). And of course several months later, Crytek publicly stated that piracy was impacting the sales and success of Crysis, which spurred even more waves in the gaming community.

Even with all of the great reviews and the pre-release buzz out there, Crysis never quite reached the level of popularity that was expected of such a high profile PC game. With that said, I was one of the last people to think that Crysis would see any sort of direct PC expansion, let alone one that didn't require the original game. I figured that with slow sales and public statements regarding piracy, plus a multiplayer community that never really seemed to take off, the next time gamers would see Crysis would be on a console. Color me surprised, but Crytek really came through for PC gamers with their latest product: Crysis Warhead."

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