Yooka-Laylee 'Green and Purple' Hopes to Patch Over the Brown Smear

Josh Griffiths writes: "Yooka-Laylee is a terrible game, and possibly the biggest disappointment from Kickstarter yet. But to Playtonic's credit, they're trying to make it better."

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RonsonPL347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

What a freaking load of BS.
The game was:
- mediocre in pre-launch version on consoles
- barely average after updates on consoles
- decent on PCs after updates, good on 120Hz/3D displays
- will be no less than good on PCs and very good on 120Hz/3D Displays, now, after the patch

where TF did that idiot saw the game to call it terrible? I have no idea, but he surely is as retarded as someone trying to review McLaren F1 car by testing how good it is to move your furniture.

"The worst on Kickstarter yet".

What an idiot. Seriously.

Relientk77347d ago

I thought it was pretty good, but yes I agree it could have been better and/or improved

Also one of my trophies glitched. Silver trophy for getting all the moves from Trowzer. I don't wanna restart and play through the game again, because if I don't get the trophy again it will just annoy me more

SlapHappyJesus347d ago

Oh games "journalists".

If they aren't hyping a game to no end, they are calling it the worst thing since moldy sliced bread.
Average games aren't allowed to be just that - average - in the name of being edgy.

Aeris-red347d ago

This guy obviously hasn't played the game at all, typical entitled gamer no room for mediocre.whilst it's certainly not a 10 it's by no means garbage solid 7 IMHO (and yes I've platinumed the game psn aeris-red)

FullmetalRoyale346d ago

I've definitely had fun with 6-7's. But then again I don't rate everything I like a 10, and things I think aren't so great a 1, so that helps.
Deadly Premonition is a game that technically bad. But the story and dialogue are so interesting that I could power through the bad design choices. It's one of my most memorable games.

MilkMan346d ago

I haven't been keeping up with this game. I knew it came out and it was a Banjo spiritual successor made by most of the original Rare team. But I didn't catch that the game was a massive fail. Is this the case? I was prepared to buy it shortly.

RonsonPL346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Buy it on PC. This game puts a lot of focus on fun from exploring. At 30fps it's simply not as fun.
You'll have to accept the fact that you'll waste like 1-1,5hrs in total on playing where you won't be getting any fun, but the remaining 10-15hrs will be fun (if you like eploring and finding collectibles, of course).
I played it in 3D and it was awesome to just run around, looking at the world (3D Vision 2 means absolutely zero motion blur which helps to enjoy exploration a lot) while listening to often awesome music.

Music, feeling, worlds. You simply don't get anything like that on PCs and on consoles it's like once per 5-8 years nowadays unless you own a Nintendo console. So definitely give it a try. Also, if you know the Rare history you will enjoy a particular boss in Casino level. That was top notch trolling towards Microsoft (which aquired Rare, unfortunately).
And if you played a lot of platform games, you will quickly find out that people who say steering and camera are horrible, are simply idiots. Camera was vastly improved and aside from ONE boss and mini-games which you can just skip, the steering is OK and I lost maybe 1 minute through my 15hrs of playing due to the fact that I fell somehwhere cause steering was fucked up. Plus 20 more minutes where I tried to reach a place with a plow which definitely wasn't meant to get there in the first place :D
The game has its flaws. I wish it was not so infantile and I wish it was improved here and there, but if it's anything that prooves something about Kickstarter, it's that Kickstarter projects are a good idea. I backed the game. I wouldn't regret if I payed more. You just have to a) like the genre and b) play it on PC.
Playtonic was creating the game on PC. They outsourced the console versions which led to HUGE mistake of releasing the game in 30fps. That really takes away a lot.
On PC on the other hand, I can play at 100fps, no motion blur, or in 3D, and I can disable postprocess effects that I don't like. In my eyes, console version of this game is definitely "a broken port".
PS. IT will soon be available on Switch