The TR Podcast 18: Netbooks, bargain-bin graphics, and consoles ruining PC games.... again

The Tech Report: "Our tour of vocal tech reporting stops at all the major attractions this week. We start in the mailroom as Cyril gets his own question about how Intel's Core 2 Duos stack up against AMD's Phenom X3 and X4 processors. Then, Geoff covers our new netbook buying guide and stops by the poll to see which best-in-show netbook candidate has won the election.

This episode also comes chock-full of gaming news and reviews, as our editors talk about Mirror's Edge news, relate their experiences with Crysis Warhead, and bask in the geeky Star Wars glory of The Force Unleashed. And it doesn't stop there! We discuss the next version of Photoshop, HP's plans for Voodoo PC, Scott's next TV purchase... and more."

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