Runescape LGBT Pride Event Begins Today

J Station X: The Runescape LGBT pride event begins today, aiming to 'spread more love and support' for the LGBT community, according to developer Jagex.

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SlapHappyJesus350d ago

Oh how progressive of them ..

InMyOpinion350d ago

No worries, this will be followed up by a "Stone the women" event to 'spread more hate and ignorance', for the sake of balance.

annoyedgamer350d ago

First, this is false, it is a single mod who has a small event planned, this is not an official Jagex event. Sceond, Both this website and the credit URL are disgusting. And no I am not referring to the event, I am referring to the hideous attempts at stirring up fights with the way the posts are written. This is not news, this is political tension baiting.

KrisWB350d ago

Most of the articles are the same.