MyGen: FaceBreaker Review

MyGen writes: "According to our friends at EA the idea behind FaceBreaker is a great one. Take a boxing game and mix it with cartoony visuals, over the top characters, and incredibly fast-paced combat. However, in reality this game does little to live up to its potential. While I was pleased and even surprised by some aspects of FaceBreaker, the gameplay completely misses its mark and is sure to disappoint anyone who participates in a few rounds of competition.

The basic setup of the game's fights is fairly straightforward, with every fight broken into three relatively short rounds, requiring either a FaceBreaker or three knockdowns to be victorious. If neither player manages to win by the end of these three rounds, a sudden death round begins. When in sudden death, the first player to score a knockdown is the victor. It can get rather frustrating to have dominated your opponent going into sudden death, just to be defeated by getting knocked down once."

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