CD Projekt Red Release Statement Regarding Theft of Internal Files Including Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red have released a statement regarding the theft of internal files, including some that belong to the studio's upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077.

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EnigmaSG1433d ago

Quick, someone get Liam Neeson on the phone!

thekhurg433d ago

Of all the developers to try and screw over those assholes go after the most gamer-friendly and gamer appreciated development studio in the industry?

What the ever loving f***

Averyashimself433d ago

This is how humans work. The most contradictory behavior is what suits us.

Nitrowolf2433d ago

It sucks this happen, but im glad CD Projekt Red decided to go public with this rather than settle this by giving the culprit money.

They arent promised anything if they pay them off, so might aswell just tell them off.

Least they are open about it

ajax17432d ago

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Cobra951432d ago

There really are evil people in the world, and if you are not one of them, it's futile to try to understand them. The only understanding that the rest of us should want is where they like to be and when.

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433d ago
thatguyhayat433d ago

Looool why did this make me laugh. But on a serious note why them of all people. Though i wouldnt wish it on anyone but these guys are loved developers

-Foxtrot433d ago

Of all the games to do this to...not saying I agree with it but they couldn't have gotten something on Half Life 3 instead

Neonridr433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

that game is locked up at CIA Headquarters by now.. get Tom Cruise and the rest of the IMF on that one :P

Nitrowolf2433d ago

It may be possibly it was from someone on the inside to who wanted to try and make quick cash or leaked it themselves.

goldwyncq433d ago

You can't steal information from something which doesn't exist.

TXIDarkAvenger433d ago

I mean it probably does exist. There is no way they have nothing at all for HL3 considering the cliffhanger ending.

Fist4achin433d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing...

roadkillers433d ago

They did, Half Life 2 stolen information was huge back in the day. Valve was almost done and decided to remake halflife 2.

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annoyedgamer433d ago

Not condoning theft especially to good guy studios like CD Project Red but some details on the game would be nice

starchild433d ago

Why, so people can complain when the game changes throughout development (which is normal for any game) and they can scream about "downgrades"?

Unfortunately there are too many dimwitted gamers these days who don't understand a thing about game development. Developers are right not to share their development process openly with gamers until closer to release.

Brash433d ago

Considering how gamer-friendly CD Projekt RED has been, this is cold. Meanwhile, I don't give a shit about some bribing crackers. If they want their files back, give it back.

andrewsquall433d ago

Holy crap. Ciri must have teleported in, nabbed them and teleported out again!!!

Goldby433d ago

why woudl she need to do that, she's already been to the world of cyberpunk 2077 and described it to geralt in Witcher 3

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