Thrustmaster Gran Turismo Sport Racing Wheel to be Unveiled at E3

Thrustmaster will also be demonstrating other new products at its E3 booth.

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InTheZoneAC473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

I just bought a T300 GT(Gran Turismo) RS wheel and now they're breaking silence on ANOTHER GT steering wheel? I also got the T3PA-Pro Pedals, Shifter, and a playseat challenge. I had no idea what I had been missing out all these years playing racing games with a controller.

If you're limited with space, the playseat challenge may work for you, the biggest thing about it is the compact design with good seating position unless stands and desk mounts.

Stay away from gear driven wheels, just don't even think about it.

thisismyaccount473d ago

They have showed this new wheel during the GT Sport Reveal back in September of 2016. We knew since then Thrustmaster had a new PS4/PC only? Wheel in the works. Sorry :(

If the purchase was recent, give it back with in 14days in most EU countries.

IamTylerDurden1473d ago

Also a Pro controller for the PS4. I bet u it's far less expensive than the xbox elite controller.

Shadyceaser473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

You a fan boy much Tyler ? 2nd comment in and you managed to take a swipe at Xbox in a PS article... This is just crazy kind of fan boy stuff .
I understand you hate Xbox,Microsoft... But those sort of levels I expect to see you at Microsoft's head office with a bomb strapped to you.
Let it go bro

Dropdeadll473d ago

Thrust master ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)