Game Focus: NHL 09 PS3 Review

With NHL 09, you not only get the best hockey game but by-far the best sports game available on the market right now. The 'Be a Pro' mode is solid and the plethora of options make this a hard game not to play. It would have been nicer to have my player drafted instead of picking the team Game Focus played with as it would have created a more authentic experience. It is a small wish and can certainly be addressed next year if they want to.

Final Verdict:
NHL 09 is absolutely incredible and you owe it to yourself to pick up this title and get lost in everything it has to offer.

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Frnicatr3701d ago

NHL games used to be at the bottom of the sports games in gaming, but now they're the best sports games!

NBA games have been crap since the beginning of the Next Gen consoles.
MLB has been crap because of 2K only making baseball games. The only good baseball game was MLB 08 The Show by Sony.
NFL games are getting worse.
Soccer games have always been average.