Blend Games Preview: Smackdown Vs Raw 2009

Blend Games writes: "Take your favorite WWE superstar, tack on a new create-a-finisher, backstage brawls, new moves, more intense tag-team combat, improved online multiplayer and rankings, and a revamped career mode, and you get Smackdown vs Raw 2009. Easily, this game could very well sell millions with the amount of features it has packed under the hood.

Gamers can be very picky when they become fanatics of a particular series. In this case, Smackdown vs Raw has a very deep following that has endured the good times and bad. Now unlike EA's Madden series, and their millions and millions of fans who seem to never get what they want, Yukes at least takes to heart what devoted wrestling fans crave in their interactive experiences. So with this latest iteration of the SD vs Raw series, not only can gamers look forward to a new career mode, but a much deeper tag team experience, which has become the focus for this year's game."

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