Square-Go: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Review

Square-Go Writes:

"Along the way, you will come across ceggs containing little critters called Chaos. When equipped these flying creatures follow your characters in battle and give them stat boosts, such as more hit points. There are tons of these and with some careful planning you can use them to make you squad unstoppable.

Or that is often the case anyway, as the difficulty curve can be a tad erratic. Some fights are brutal compared to others, which result in some unexpected deaths. It's a small gripe, but an irritating one nonetheless.

BIOWARE must be applauded for crafting one of the best Sonic games to date. As a standalone title, it's brilliant, but as part of the Sonic canon, it lacks the speed and platforming which made the series so enjoyable in the first place. Not everyone will be sold on this, but if you like Sega and role-playing-games then this is a must."

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