Grand Theft Auto VI: 5 Places Where It Could Be Set

The neon-infused Vice City or the murky and grim Carcer City for Grand Theft Auto VI?

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aaronaton346d ago

i'd like to see Monaco personally.

Jaypi03346d ago

If they're going to continue the trend of making their modern games in cities they've already been then it's probably going to take place in a modern vice city aka Miami.

InTheZoneAC346d ago

Nothing will top Michael, Trevor, or Franklin.

Keep it in the US, a vice city reboot would be epic.

mafiahajeri346d ago

What? Niko, Tommy vercetti, CJ and Victor Vance are all better characters then all 3 of them...

InTheZoneAC346d ago

as much as I liked Niko and Tommy, this trio is perfect, sorry.

_-EDMIX-_346d ago

Detroit, Chicago or London

Limbrick346d ago

Miami or Vegas is my guess with Vegas as my choice as there is more to offer in the surrounding area. Miami however could offer island locations like in the Scarface game, and that could be fun.

Ludendorf with winter snow would be interesting for at least a dlc map but online killed story dlc.. A dlc that could feature a back story of Michael and Trevor. Maybe that could be the next Gta game. The dlc Gta 5 never recieved and more.

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The story is too old to be commented.