Blu-ray Sales Drop From Previous Week

"Home Media Research is reporting Blu-ray Disc software sales were down 3.39% from the previous week...What does this mean? Is Blu-ray and its catalyst Playstation 3 dieing a slow and painful death? "

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Sony Rep3699d ago

"Not likely. First of all, a small shift in sales tracked between two successive weeks means little in the big picture, especially if one week had more marketable releases than the other. Lets compare some of the bigger titles for each week. "

zimbo0073699d ago

IRON MAN BLU RAY is no 1 at AMAZON (15% of media sales come from it)

BLU RAY sales jumped 100% since September 23rd

This is for the week ending 21st september

Fishy Fingers3699d ago

Seriously, we're tracking movie sales week to week now?

Raoh3699d ago

LOL its the new thing

check out the japan console sales.. when the 360 is doing well its a week to week announcement from every website

aftrdark213699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

3.39% change from one week... pffft... Some ppl will hate on anything nowadays.

Next it will be "VHS sales jump 0.0005% from last month Blu-Ray is Doomed!"

zimbo0073699d ago

so expect Blu Ray's weekly sales to be very rosy next week

lodossrage3699d ago

People might want to read the WHOLE article

Secondly, there were so many "blu ray will fail" articles and "blu ray sales down" articles yesterday.

Yet when the data shows the rise in sales watch there be only like 2 articles posted here on it.

LinuxGuru3699d ago


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