Games On: Gears of War 2 Hands-On

On the surface, Gears of War 2 appears very much a traditional video game sequel. Deviation from the proven formula is rare: this is the same third-person shooter with the same cover system and the same AI-controlled and co-op squad mechanics. Gamers aree still in the midst of the Human-Locust war, still muscling through the debris-strewn ruins of a once-beautiful world and still lobbing grenades into emergence holes.

Cliff Bleszinski claims it's "more bad-ass". After playing through the campaign's first Act, it's hard to disagree, not least because "bad-ass" is such a slippery term. But if one assumes he means Epic's intent was to reiterate the Gears experience on a grander, even more over-the-top scale, then it's fair to say they've succeeded. What's more interesting about Gears 2 is raft of subtle tweaks already evident in the hour or so of the campaign Games On has sampled so far.

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