8 Moments We Can't Wait to Relive in Pokemon Gold and Silver on Our 3DS

Greysun from Twinfinite writes: With the news that Pokémon Gold/Silver are coming to the 3DS Virtual Console, I thought I should go back and revisit the moments that made the adventure so special.

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Majin-vegeta105d ago

No battling Whitney and having your team getting demolished by her damn miltank w/Rollout?

CocoaBrother105d ago

The Pokémon Master dream crusher, that's for sure.
I remember my brother was stuck on her for such a long time.

greysun123105d ago

I try to forget about those kind of memories 😭

Newmanator105d ago

Agreed! I'm thinking about getting sun, have you played it?

greysun123105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Is it bad to say that I would be happy if this game were to get remade. AGAIN?

Movefasta1993105d ago

Omg the first one I had on my mind was red gdos and I see it there lol good times

104d ago
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