Why E3 2017 is the perfect time for Ubisoft to bring back Splinter Cell

It's time the stealth genre went back to the gritty realism that made Splinter Cell king.

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Adexus349d ago

Loved Conviction and especially Blacklist, it just needed Michael Ironside to be back as Fisher and if the rumours are true that certainly seems to be the case.

Gearsofwar_xbox348d ago

I bet it will be timed exclusive to Xbox

CrimzonRazor348d ago

I think this is the AAA exclusive ms is suppose to show at e3

zaherdab348d ago

MS only makes AAAAAA exclusives ... no AAA games anymore.
on a more serious note it would be stupid for any third party publisher to go exclusive on xbox and ignore where the mass of potential customers are

CrimzonRazor348d ago

well they already said they are announcing a exclusive third party AAA release so I guess your wrong

zaherdab348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

We'll see ! i said it would stupid anyway ... not impossible so that technically doesn't make me wrong :)
just as Rise of the tomb raider was an exclusive and didn't sell well same goes for the rising dead 4 which is coming over to ps4 anyway third party publishers would be dooming their AAA titles b4 scorpio makes a good leap in sales

General Shrooms348d ago

I'd love to see them bring back the classic spy v merc from Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory.