PS Plus For June 2017 Has A Slightly Different PS4 Game In Some Specific Regions

You won't be able to download Life is Strange if you have account in the following regions.

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XbladeTeddy287d ago

Allah don't like it so it's banned. Life is strange!

287d ago
2pacalypsenow287d ago

So glad I live in the Western Hemisphere....

nX287d ago

So glad I live in a country that is not 500 years behind everyone else.

Repjaws287d ago

Yeah I'm from Qatar and we got Jamestown + or some shit, like they couldn't even give me a decent game like some indie game, I am switching over to US region once my subcription runs out, I've missed out on all the god of war games, drawn to death and now life is strange . Life is strange was the breaking point for me.

Christopher287d ago

You should tweet that to the devs. Would probably make their day.

Farsendor1287d ago

Jamestown+ that has been a good game for years. Solid gameplay and a lot of positive press.

derkasan287d ago

The original Jamestown was a good game, but I got it in a $5 Humble Bundle. Feels like Life is Strange is the better deal.

theshredded287d ago

I'm lucky that I bought Life is Strange for an awesome deal $7.29.

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The story is too old to be commented.