The Surge Review - Not Just Another Dark Souls Ripoff - GameSinners

"If you’re a fan of the Souls series and are looking for a new challenge, then The Surge definitely fits the bill."

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MikeyG0403351d ago

I enjoyed this game quite a bit. Not on the same level as the Souls series, but good enough to scratch that itch.

MattDavisIP351d ago

I will definitely play The Surge, was looking for a game to play anyways :)

HyperMouse350d ago

Pleasantly surprised by this game, had it in my back log, and just started this week, very fun game great mystery sort of start at the beginning, the idea and combat behind everything is great so far, its got its challenges but i wouldnt say its as hard as a souls game, well so far anyway, but i also find that refreshing.