Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Gets Gust Swimsuit DLC; Gust Announces Plenty of Crossover Costumes

During a presentation held today in Japan, Atelier developer Gust announced a large bunch of crossover costumes between its own games and more.

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MunchMiller00526d ago

Who even gives any attention to this trash still? Who? And if there is anyone, why?

Summons75526d ago

I don't give a crap about all the costumes but DOA is certainly a great fighter.

Chexs1990526d ago

Because underneath the fanservice it's a fighter more balanced than Tekken, with a faster pace and a counter system which forces you to use varied moves.
Calling it trash just makes you come across ill-informed and flame-baiting.

ErogeMaster526d ago

Greater than tekken that's a nice opinion and all but in tekken actually have to learn. The fanservice also swings both ways in that series.

Chexs1990526d ago

I didn't say greater, I said more balanced :)
Which is greater is up to individualistic preferences. I love both series, but the learning curve for both, are pretty much the same I think, with Tekken having more characters and taking the edge.
But there is no denying that Tekken has a history of introducing imba characters in terms of speed/reach/power parameters.

zacfoldor526d ago (Edited 526d ago )

I, personally, think it's a great game. Not trash, and the cosmetic costumes add greatly to the enjoyment of the game for many gamers, SJW. Maybe go play something else instead of criticizing a game you have no interest it or knowledge of?

526d ago
CrimsonWing69526d ago

I think all this stuff is fine but the pricing is ridiculous I'm sure by now every DLC totaled has to be near $1000

526d ago
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