For PlayStation Executives, Old Games are Bad Games

Sony executives Shawn Layden and Jim Ryan sat down with TIME to tout the PS4’s nearly 60 Million units sold, and to talk about the future of the platform. That is all they had to do. Instead, Ryan had some interesting comments on backwards compatibility.

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naruga316d ago

probably the worst and most misguiding title for an interview yet

PlebeGamer316d ago

It's not an interview though?

What's misleading about it? Backwards compatibility is bad for business when you can repackage the game and sell it again.

Nyxus316d ago

That's not the reason. The reason is that hardly anyone seems to use it.

PlebeGamer316d ago

@Nyxus When it comes to businesses, everything comes back to money, that's how captalism works. Plenty of people used BC for consoles that had it natively, PS2, early PS3, Wii, Wii U, etc. However, the cost of native BC is too high to justify its inclusion, especially when BC means people won't have to buy the game again if they want the convenience of playing the game on their current system. Hell Nintendo's VC has been the most profitable thing they'd done since the Wii and Wii U era, and it will continue with the Switch, selling the same old games to the same customers repeatedly. Plenty of people bought Sony's classics, or companies wouldn't have kept releasing them, so the desire for old games is definitely there.

Also, XB1 BC titles can get into the hundred of thousands of players at their peak, just talking online. Unfortunately for Xbox,, those games add literally nothing to their bank account.

Bigpappy316d ago

@Nyxus: That sample of X1 gamers was to monitor the time spent on the apps, not how many people use the apps. Go read it again. BC is the most requested feature for a reason. Sony is always telling its base what is good for them and them seem to follow like sheep. They took away rumble, denied EA access, took away BC, Slow to achievements and the fanbase was saying the same thing about that and in-game chat until they got it, then it became the best ever.

Death316d ago


The business model for b/c is not just that the games are also for sale if you don't already have them, but they are also part of GamePass. They are also given out as part of Games for Gold which adds more value to the service. That is 4 distinct ways gamers have access to b/c games.

darthv72316d ago

Seems very insulting to the devs who created and the gamers who bought those games to make sony as big as they are.

Offering bc woud be pure fan service and yet sony are not interested in doing that. Then again... they could surprise everyone at E3.

Nothing wrong with doing both new and old games.

freshslicepizza316d ago

"That's not the reason. The reason is that hardly anyone seems to use it."

If they don't think there is much demand to play old games then how do they think Playstation Now can sustain itself for all these years?

moegooner88316d ago

" That sample of X1 gamers was to monitor the time spent on the apps, not how many people use the apps ".

Congrats you just proved Nyxus point.

DashArrivals316d ago

Enjoy your BC. We don't give a shit. Hardly anyone does. Geez get over yourselves

Goldby316d ago


Sony didn't take away rumble, they were in a lawsuit during the time the sixaxis controller was created and released with the console.

Goldby316d ago


because it isn't just on Ps4s.

its on PC to allow PC players to enjoy the playstation catalog.

you're really stretching now eh.

Brohan316d ago

What I've been saying all the time is that Sony just doesn't care for their consumers if they would rather sell old games at a high price they would and wouldn't even think twice about it.

4Sh0w315d ago


That's not the reason. The reason is that hardly anyone seems to use it.

-Incorrect, even if you believe the Ars Technica data it's NOT 1.5% of Xbox gamers who have used it. It's 1.5% of 1.65 billion minutes of all gameplay time was on last gen games. Which translates to almost 25mins per individual Xbox gamer. That may not sound like a lot but that's pretty good because the expectation should be that most gamers are playing current gen games daily while playing an old favorite every once in awhile, that's exactly how I and most Xbox fans use it. It's a great option and I'd bet you anything IF Sony offered FREE BC on ps4, ps fans would praise it.
btw, Microsoft has said about 50% of Xbox gamers used BC:

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jwm316d ago

I would say that "why would anybody play this?" indicates the exec (and by extension his peers) thinks that last-gen games aren't worth people's time. I think to say they think old games are bad is a fair interpretation of his words

AspiringProGenji316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

That is not what he said.

jwm316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

he said of Gran Turismo games for PS1 and PS2 (and I imagine he would extend this to other old games) "why would anybody play this?" I interpret him openly wondering why people would play a game as him thinking the games are bad.

Liqu1d316d ago

No. He clearly views them as outdated, not bad.

lptmg316d ago

he didn't say they were bad, he said they looked bad, wasn't it?
nevertheless his statement was still a pretty sad one considering they are selling those old games on PS4 and Vita

Death316d ago

What if they took the time to create a way for those "bad looking" games to play on the new hardware and then have that new hardware polish them up a little so they didn't look so bad? Then what would happen if they did this for free? I'm really hoping people would be happy and appreciate it.

Christopher315d ago

You know old games won't miraculously look better on Scorpio, right? Just dynamic resolution and possibly better fps. Anything beyond that requires patching as Scorpio can't suddenly improve graphic textures.

Death315d ago

I'm content with dynamic resolution and better fps. If it's anything like how PC handles games it will be a welcome change.

jwm316d ago

he said they looked "ancient" but also wondered why people would play them in the first place. The guy is completely out of touch with how people feel about games and what they want from them

Liqu1d316d ago

No he didn't, stop spreading misinformation. He was wondering why people would play old games nowadays.

Death315d ago

Here's the quote,

"I was at a Gran Turismo event recently where they had PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games, and the PS1 and the PS2 games, they looked ancient, like why would anybody play this?”

It sounds pretty clear. He feels old PS1 and PS2 games don't look good enough to play today. From a marketing perspective it was pretty stupid to say since there are gamers that still enjoy games from that era. Granted it's probably not many, but why throw shade at your customers like this?

darthv72315d ago

@liqu1d... you dont need to defend everything a rep of sony says / does.

Just accept this guy it out of touch with how ps got to where it is. It was because gamers like to play games from all sorts of gens, not just current.

If you dont understand that then you are as closed minded as he is.

DashArrivals316d ago

FAKE NEWS..... he did not mean that at all.
FAKE NEWS...... move on.

Aenea316d ago Show
meka2611315d ago

Yea because everyone wants to play old racers, that is the dumbest analogy for BC I've ever heard. Ask him the same thing about FF7, 8 and 9. Certain games are timeless, also if graphics are such a big deal why have we seen a rise of retro graphics games. And granted the article title is very misleading, but he made it seem like since the graphics aren't there no one wants to play old game, which is complete BS.

DashArrivals315d ago

I think you need to shut up and stop overreacting

meka2611315d ago

Not sure what you mean, I'm calm. Just tired of everyone saying BC isn't important, maybe not to them, but I want to play some old games.

DELTABOY04316d ago

the fact is the ps3 architecture makes it a lot harder to bc in the ps4..he whole no one uses it excuse is just a convenient fact

Christopher315d ago

He was talking about PS1 and PS2 games, though...

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